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New Blog and a New Beginning

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This new blog is my little space written in neon pink, brown frame with pink Sakura blossoms. More blossoms on the left and pink butterflies on the right.

I still can not believe that I have finally taken the leap towards my own blog. It is 03.2023 currently as I am updating this post and the look and feel of my blog as well as the post about my New Blog”. I have learned a lot, from webpage building to digital marketing and SEO, not only from the blog but I have taken courses to better myself in this field.

As weird as it sounds I have come to feel that I like every aspect of being an artist. The creations of my creativity and the marketing side. Writing is the easiest part of my job as it appears though. This blog has grown into a part of my everyday life, a part that I enjoy. I hope that you will find stories and poems that resonate with you as well as find new music to try out.

This is a New Blog, a New Beginning For Me.

The name of the blog itself is not a new name. I have used it before on various tiny blogs or sites since I was 16. It means that I am of both: Darkness and Light, Stardust and Beasts. As someone with bipolar disorder, I feel surprised that I chose such a name when I knew nothing of my illness.

Thank You for reading my post!

Links To My Work

Poetry: Dragon of Alcanmore, Poetry of a Love So Cold.

Stories: Six-Sentence Stories, Short Stories, Romance and All That, Elves and Fantasy

Posts on music that I love are here.

I am on YouTube where I also have created lyric videos.

Here is my Spotify 

My band can be listened to on YouTubeSpotify and other streaming services.

Follow me on my YouTube Channel for Audiobooks.


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