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Sharing My Creative Writings

Throughout my life, there have been many things that I have wanted to do. But mostly I have been kept back by my insecurities and anxiety. I truly am, what one would call “my own worst enemy”. I have always wanted to sing and share my creative writings with other people or start a new blog. Perhaps it just was not the time for me, until now.


My Blog is Still a “Baby”

After many long years of contemplating starting a new blog, a professional one, I finally have taken the leap. It has been a wild ride for those few months.  With a lot of followers (for me, hitting 500 is a lot) on Twitter I can already no longer keep a track of and sometimes follow back a little late. And as some of you might know, I didn’t originally plan on sharing my stories but then I found the six-sentence community. Now the blog has become my outlet for my creative writings and to my surprise, some people read them. Thank you, it really means a lot to me.

Also, I thought about whether or not I should monetize my content with AdSense, fearing that it will make the space look less “classy” and annoy people. But I have decided to try it out. Having already disabled half of the ad formats and ads because I felt like they took away from my blog more than they could give. But it is another trial and error case I guess. I have never monetized any of my content before, so that is also new for me. I did have a Blogspot and a Tumblr on and off for more than half of my life… But I never stayed at it for long… So it all still feels very new.

Another thing that I originally did not plan on (I thought it will be a regular blog for me to talk about my life, my vinyl collection, and some poetry that I have written) is the fact that I have started to record my six-sentence stories, musings and micro poetry in my voice. Eeek!!! My voice… something that throughout my life, I have been the most insecure of. Such an irony that am actively promoting it on social media now.

What Is Next For Me?

I am mean, my anxiety about it runs skin-deep. To the point that I can not even sing in front of my mate. But I am, in fact, an aspiring singer. Perhaps on one glorious day, you too can hear me sing. After I and my dearest have finished recording our songs that are… And I still can not do it in front of him. Perhaps I should be one of those artists that never say her name out loud or show her face, but then again, I already have… 

But what is next? Through the support of my lover and my family, I am contemplating what will be the next step for me. As someone in her 30ties still wrestling with her anxiety? But then again, aren’t I too old to not do the things I love? I think I will take my recordings to the next level with the help of my audio-engineering boyfriend and add some atmosphere too. Perhaps soon, I can be listened to on streaming services.  Why not, what do I have to lose, right? 

It hasn’t been easy for me, every time I push the “publish” button I am contemplating whether it is a plop or if anyone even reads stories and poetry anymore… But then I think, that dreams can not become true, unless I work towards them, even if a little late.

Thank You! My audiobooks are on streaming services like spotify, iTunes, Youtube and more "of Stardust and the Beasts"

Links To My Work

Poetry: Dragon of Alcanmore, Poetry of a Love So Cold.

Stories: Six-Sentence Stories, Short Stories, Romance and All That, Elves and Fantasy

Posts on music that I love are here.

I am on YouTube where I also have created lyric videos.

Here is my Spotify 

My band can be listened to on YouTubeSpotify and other streaming services.

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  1. PineCanvas

    “But then I think, that dreams can not become true, unless I work towards them. ”

    This one should be printed out and placed somewhere where it can be seen first thing in the morning and last thing in the night!

    • Classypoetryandwine

      But I am lazy, why can’t they work themselves out with me just doing… Nothing.


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