Poetry – I Want You to Consume Me

poetry is a weird thing, it can evoke so much emotion.

I want you to consume me is a poem written about “Desire” – a strong human emotion. It seems that I like poetry about emotion.

I Want You to Consume Me – a Poem

Mingle with me to the point that our fingertips…

They melt into each other.

Consume me as if I was the promised savior  

And there is no way of telling when one’s lips end

And another’s start.

I want you to consume the rage in my veins

And be drunk on the skin of a girl that fires poetry

As if it was a gun.

And in return.

I will consume you

To the point that I too

Will know God

When your name

Escapes my lips

Thank you for reading my poem I want you to consume me. Poetry is not dead at all I guess. Take care!

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