Lady in Between – Short Story – Lyric Video

 Lady in Between – Short Story

This short story of mine was particularly hard for me to create. All the steps of it: writing, recording, editing the audio and making an video to. I love the story but I almost as if wanted it to be done fast, I couldn’t stomach it.

It is a fiction, but having lost a loved one to suicide I can feel the pain of our mother in my bones. I think the way my voice cracks towards the end can tell, I was on the verge of crying.

I believe, and that is my experience with countless of suicide attempts… I can not speak for others… that in this very moment, you don’t think clearly. I never wanted to hurt anyone, I just wanted the silence.

Loosing someone to suicide made me question every little thing I had ever said or done. As if it was my fault. But the reality is, it is life. Sometimes these things happen and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Depression is a master of hiding itself behind a smile. Sometimes, you don’t know to fear.

Please, remember you are loved, and most certainly not… alone… with these feelings.


I use a Shure SM58 microphone, a cheap Yamaha AG3 Interface and Reaper to record everything. Most of the VST plugins to edit the audio that I use are Izotope RX series ones, very simple to use.

I also use SoundToys effects (decapacitator being my favorite) and on some recordings I use Gojira Archetype from Neural DSP (guitar plugin).

I really am still learning it all.

The backgrounds are created by me in Canva.

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