Master of Escapism -a Short Story – Lyric Video


Master of Escapism – a Short Story

Master of Escapism is one of my personal favorites that I have ever written. It is a short story that is not as much of a fiction as others, it is about me and about the feelings that I have had ever since I was a kid. Maybe that is also why the theme is a stardust based one, the first video that I also used a background sound on. 

The Spotify version doesn’t have this, I also re-mixed and mastered this one since I feel that I can do it better now than then. I am still learning as I have stated in so many of my blogposts by now. I really hope that one day, my writings, can make someone feel less alone in this world. You are not, there are people who understand.

“of Stardust and the Beasts” is a name I have used previously on so many of my mini blogs. I am, made of both, the light and the dark are both present in me. I am made of stardust and the beasts.



I use a Shure SM58 microphone, a cheap Yamaha AG3 Interface and Reaper to record everything. Most of the VST plugins to edit the audio that I use are Izotope RX series ones, very simple to use. I also use SoundToys effects (decapacitator being my favorite) and on some recordings I use Gojira Archetype from Neural DSP (guitar plugin).

I really am still learning it all, in fact this was the second one I did. And I want an upgrade to my gear too (an Goldenage MK III microphone and an Apollo twin x interface) and create even better quality content. Both, poetry/stories and singing.

I used this motion background here:…

The background sound can be found here:…

I am on Spotify here: 

And my Ko-Fi page:

The First Video I ever Created:


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