My audio recordings.

I have been away from my blog for a while, I am so sorry, truly I am. I had a lot on my plate from dealing with bipolar depression to deciding to leave my job. I am feeling a lot better now, after a rest and making myself get out of bed and do my art, not hibernate. I promised to share my audio recordings but I have, in fact, fallen short of my own words.

And well…

My first whole Audiobook will also be out soon, available to listen to on a variety of streaming platforms. I originally started this project of mine two months ago but somehow never finished it when melancholy hit… so it sat on my computer this whole time. 

Everything is written, read, and mixed by me. Because even if my other half does audio engineering. I wanted to do everything myself.


Take care my lovelies, I missed you all.

And don’t forget to read and write.


Wallpapers and album art are available on my ko-fi page.



You can listen to me here:

Thank you for your time


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1 month ago

Oh I love this “travel by turtles “
I just might steal this reference!

Can’t wait to hear the full book!

1 month ago

[…] I mentioned in my last post “My audio recordings” I had to give up my job once again. But the reason was not that I was not appreciated or good at my […]

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