Pianoforte – Short Story – Lyric Video

Pianoforte – Short Story

This is my first ever lyric video that I created. Pianoforte is the only story that I did not re-record and I really do find now on my Spotify version a lot of mistakes that I have somehow let stay in. I did re-mix and master it for the YouTube video though and even if it is not perfect, it sounds like a decent podcast now.

I wrote, recorded and post-edited everything myself. Am still learning how to create a better quality recordings, more voices and lyric videos. I am learning to use all the programs and stuff pretty much from scratch. I did study video editing in middle-school but that was not with adobe and we never made lyric videos.

Gear and such

I use a Shure SM58 microphone, a cheap Yamaha AG3 Interface and Reaper to record everything. Most of the VST plugins to edit the audio that I use are Izotope RX series ones, very simple to use. I also use SoundToys effects (decapacitator being my favorite) and on some recordings I use Gojira Archetype from Neural DSP (guitar plugin).

I really am still learning it all and want an upgrade to my gear (an Goldenage MK III microphone and an Apollo twin x interface) and create even better quality content. 

For the video I use adobe premiere pro:

I used Premiere Gal’s tutorial here: https://buff.ly/3FP4W6A

I used this motion background here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Gg6Seob5Mg&t=75s

I am on Spotify here: https://buff.ly/3D5PaRu

And my Ko-Fi page: https://ko-fi.com/classypoetryandwine


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