Romantic Poem – She Still Lingers

The Romantic Poem - She Still LingersThere is a funny story with this particular romantic poem of mine. It goes as: Once upon a summery night. With equal parts of wine and music. I went out with a friend of mine… We drove the roads in Hiiumaa. Well, damn it. Yes, it is a lie… Already! We had a sober driver!!! He was the one doing the operating of moving machinery. There were three or four bottles of dry red wine.


Elixir of life and good decisions if you ask me. Anyway… My friend invited a beautiful girl to hang out with us. I had never seen her before but as she sat down on the asphalt to roll herself a cigarette… her long blonde hair covering her face with the wind… Can you see where I am going with this?

Does this (Imagine a down arrow here) qualify as a poem too?! Oh, there are two… wow. You are lucky!

She was MAGICAL! 

For a slight moment…

Right there on the spot.

Drunk?! Maybe…

Which one of us?

Both of us… I guess…

I think I fell in love with her.

Well, she was magical.

And yes, we kissed…

And we might have made out the whole night.

Drunk?! Maybe... Which one of us? Both of us... I guess... I think fell in love with her.

The Romantic Poem – She Still Lingers

With her fingertips… Drawing circles on my palm.

Accompanied by kisses, that were…

Drawing out the air from my lungs.

And in this very moment, she had silenced my storms

And caught the moths from my mouth.

Were they to blame for the dizziness?

Or was it the bubbly wine on her tongue?!

I still don’t know…

But the fragrance of her hair,

It still lingers on my clothes

She and I Now.

I have seen her later too, we worked together and shared a room later. And this I know… she is a nice and warm person even if a little wild. I think she is the epitome of life I wanted to be present in me, and I hope she is doing well now. I mean that she is a wonderful person as far as I am concerned and I want her to be happy.

And now that she is carefully woven into the lines of a poem. It is my gift to her. Maybe she finds it one day when she is sad, and recognizes herself and remembers that people can be loved for the silliest of things.

Than you for your time.

Shameless self-promo

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More Poetry?!?!

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Something New!

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