Six-Sentence Stories (Audiobook)

Collection of six-sentence stories audiobook (Lyric Videos). An promotional photo including the artwork for the book on streaming services. Can be used as an wallpaper, available on my ko-fi page.

This is the audiobook version of my six-sentence stories on YouTube (Lyric Videos), they were originally written for a challenge on my blog here. I am very happy that I found them for they reignited the burning desire to write stories and pushed me to do audiobooks.

If it wasn’t for the challenge I would never be here, doing what I do now. It gave me the boost I needed so please check it out… others’ stories can be found in the original posts…

Collection of Six-Sentence Stories Audiobook (YouTube Lyric Videos Version)

For an uninterrupted listening experience here is my YouTube link for the playlist. Subscribe and follow me there to get notified the very moment that I post something new.

Here are also some spoilers as to what the stories mean to me and in some cases what mused the fiction. 


Fluid was my first story so naturally it is of importance to me. The girl is a writer, one that loves quietly but her muse had found her poetry and thought her to be weird.

On the Edge

This one was a little hard to write and read. This one is about me and my experience of being bullied as a young child and the aftermath. The most personal story I have ever written, it is easier to write fiction so for the rest of the stories I stuck with it.

the Key

The key is about a young boy in love with a girl that can not see her worth or that she can be loved. He wants to hold her and protect her but life has made her cold and cruel. And instead of trying harder he thinks that he has no chance and leaves with a shattered heart.

Stroke of Misfortune

This story is about a grown man that blames everyone else in her misfortunes. He looks for a cure from anything outwards of himself. He doesn’t realize that the secret lies within himself so he seeks out a seer.

Bird in a Cage

This story was the continuation for the last one, and after going blind he lies in the bed and looks within himself as laying on a bed. Finally he had no choice but to be with himself and his thoughts.

Still Alone

This one is about a dreamer, a writer, someone that doesn’t want to take part in reality. Rather, she would be writing poems for people she fell for and never send them. After finally coming out of her cocoon for a man, she got her heart broken.

Maladaptive daydreaming, emotional withdrawal, dissociation, and depersonalization were the mental problems that mused this one. 


Ember is a girl in love with a a man she has never met, perhaps another artist. This artist soothes her pain as she day dreams about him or writes about him.

the Exchange

The exchange is about a girl on her way home from the night out in the bar. Too drunk and crippled from a paranoid outburst she can’t tell if her fear is reality or a fiction of her mind if the sounds are that of an animal or a person. 

 I think that it can also be interpreted as a normal fear of someone who is afraid of the dark. 

Late Mornings

Written in the POV of a man in the times long forgotten. And internal dialogue about his love for his wife and the description of his morning routine.

Dead Poet

Another story about a love that can never be answered. I think it is my calling to write about such a thing. As most of my stories and poems have such a meaning.

I like writing about love, mental illness, longing, and I can’t really write about happy things even if I am in a good relationship myself.

What am I Working On Next?

I am working on the next poetry book, song and short stories book. ALL AT ONCE. But this is a secret okay, I did record the poetry book but I might re do it because if I can afford it next year I will get a new microphone… 

The book is about arranged marriage, suicide, the grief of a father and self-blame. Once again it forms a story like my last poetry book about unrequited love of a woman on the brink of insanity (I watch too much reality shows about mental illness and crime I guess). 

Thank you for your time

Thank You!

For staying for so long.

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