Romantic Poem – She Still Lingers

The Romantic Poem - She Still LingersThere is a funny story with this particular romantic poem of mine. It goes as: Once upon a summery night. With equal parts of wine and music. I went out with a friend of mine… We drove the roads in Hiiumaa. Well, damn it. Yes, it is a lie… Already! We had a sober driver!!! He was the one doing the operating of moving machinery. There were three or four bottles of dry red wine.


Elixir of life and good decisions if you ask me. Anyway… My friend invited a beautiful girl to hang out with us. I had never seen her before but as she sat down on the asphalt to roll herself a cigarette… her long blonde hair covering her face with the wind… Can you see where I am going with this?

Does this (Imagine a down arrow here) qualify as a poem too?! Oh, there are two… wow. You are lucky!

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Poem – Good Girl

Poem - Good GirlAt this point… I don’t even know what to say. Other than the fact that I really like this poem! Did I really write it? Sometimes I look at my poetry and think like, what did I write… Sometimes it is in a good way, other times I make my head itch… This one does both.

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Poetry – I Want You to Consume Me

poetry is a weird thing, it can evoke so much emotion.Poetry is a weird thing, it can evoke so much emotion.

About the Poem 

Today on Twitter I said out loud that I don’t dabble in Erotica.

Usually, mine comes out mushy and lovey-dovey or dark and sinister and not… Well… Erotic…

Whilst lying in my bed with my eyes wide open I got the vision of this poem called I Want You to Consume Me.

Quite erotic in its’ nature, by all means, but

Desire is a wicked thing and I over-romanticize everything,

This is the reason why I can’t write erotica

My poetry has feelings

Here it is “Desire”, a human emotion, I like emotions.

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