Short Story – Stockholm Syndrome

Romance and all that, short story - Stockholm Syndrome. A circle with flowers on it.Stockholm Syndrome is a short story about a young lady that loves so hard that she forgets that she deserves to be loved just as much. It is a story that often happens in real life, we love so much that we forgive things that we never thought we would. But we know me, I have to add a sprinkle of madness into every single one of my stories. It would be boring otherwise, eh?

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Short Story – Elves and Fantasy

Romance and all that, short story - elves and Fantasy. A circle with flowers on it.Elves and Fantasy is a short story about falling in love with a stranger on the train. Perhaps too often we are afraid to talk to those we admire, so we admire from afar and will never know what would have happened if we just said hello. 

Short Story – Melody behind her words

Romance and all that, short stories about love. A short story called melody behind her voice.This is a short story of mine -Melody behind her words. It is of love, a story of a love that survived the cruelty of time. A love story that almost made me cry as I was writing it. This whole segment on my blog will be dedicated to stories about love, I will add them as I write them.

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