Metal Music – Instrumental Metal

Metal Music - Instrumental MetalIn this post, I talk and fangirl about some metal music. I chose three instrumental metal bands from my collection to talk about a little more. The reason why I chose those artists is to show the fusion of different styles. The hope and the strength of such music. And because a lot of people don’t like the vocals of heavier music, I chose artists that I think showcase this style well to those who don’t usually listen to it. Perhaps these bands will show the variety and the different sides to the vast landscape of metal music. Or answer the question: Why would you listen to that?

I like the contrast in arts and want to share my love with the world

I often listen to music that has a huge contrast in it. Be it the melodies and the chunky rhythm or changing vocals from clean to screaming. My God how I love harsh vocals… I do them in my band alongside innocent cleans. You can listen to me here or check the post on my band here. But to get back to the topic… I love the fusion of different styles and contrasting melodies and instruments in music.

I don’t talk about the technical aspect of the music too much because I think that the way it makes people feel is more important, and also am not a critic. Am not one to talk about technique because all I do is sing, for every instrument I learned I gave up. 

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