About “of Stardust and the Beasts”

Creating this blog was a way for me to create a new home. A place where I can rest my thoughts and perhaps make another soul feel less alone. Originally I created it to rant about music and vinyl records. At first, I didn’t think of sharing so much of my writing work but I found a cool challenge here, that encouraged me to write and share. Unfortunately, I haven’t participated now because I have accumulated a to-do list that just seems growing by every week. On my “Collection of six-sentence stories” on this blog, you can find links to other amazing writers’ work, give them a read while you are here.

The hardest part of this blog was writing about my challenges with mental health. Perhaps because it is something that is generally shushed because it is deemed shameful. The reason for me creating this corner was to share my experiences and make others feel less alone as well as bring some understanding into this world. When I was younger there were very few people talking about it or they were anonymous on Tumblr, but the few bloggers made me feel less alone and their triumphs hopeful for the future. And how could someone understand something that is not spoken about? It took a long time to realize that it was not the end of the world.

There is also the corner on my blog where I fangirl about my favorite musicians and bands. Music has always been a big part of my life, my escape from this world that sometimes tires me out. Perhaps it is true, that music can not change the world… but with my pink glasses, I hope that it could. I think that music is a universal language that can make people feel better and less alone with their troubles. I think that through changing and molding our perspective, understanding of others, and the way we feel (like reading) it could make the world a better place.

About Me and My Other Work

I am from Estonia. In my heart I am still the same young girl that I was 15 years ago, looking to better her life. Both, materialistically and in the way I treat myself, and the quality of the life I have made for myself. Through years of struggle, I can say that I am in a place of calm and surrounded myself with loving people. I believe that they enhance the calm in me while still letting my fire burn brightly. They are my family, my boyfriend, and one friend. I don’t need more, I am very introverted and I prefer a small circle.

I have had many jobs, through the years I have been a car painter, co-manager of a grocery store, night-shift manager, a gas station, and a cook. Right now, as of the beginning of 2023, am looking to get some courses on digital marketing. I am hoping to better my knowledge to better advertise my work and also have a job, even half time for as long as I need it. A job that I wouldn’t cry about doing every morning when opening my eyes. As a creative person I don’t want to be depleted of something that keeps me sane, but I also like working… Weird huh?!

Besides writing and this blog, I also do vocals for a project called “Chaos in Spring” which I have written about on my blog. It is metal so I do both, clean vocals and harsh vocals. Why a project, not a band? Because there are just two of us, my boyfriend that composes and produces all of the songs and also does the mixing/mastering. And then there is me who writes the lyrics and does all of the vocals. You can find us on a pretty big variety of streaming services.

I also do voiceovers and voice acting for my work as audiobooks. I do all of the work myself, from recording to post-editing on Reaper for it to sound clean. The lyric videos I have also made the myself on Adobe Premiere Pro. To me, it seems almost unbelievable that I am doing this now because I have always felt very insecure about my voice but it is something I love doing the most in this life. Overcoming my anxiety about singing/acting in front of someone feels as if I have wrestled a bear and come out of it alive. 

My Work Can Be Found Here

My audiobooks and my speaking voice: YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal, as well as a variety of other services like Instagram/FacebookTikTok/Resso/LunaAmazonSoundtrack by TwitchPandoraDeezer, iHeartRadioClaroMusicaSaavnBoomplayAnghamiKKBoxNetEaseTencentQobuzTrillerJooxKuack MediaYandex Music (beta)AdaptrFloMediaNet.

My music: YouTube, Spotify, iTunes,and  Tidal, as well as all of the services I listed above.

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