Poetry, Music, and Personal Life

In my first post:  ‘a New Blog Brewing‘ I briefly touched on the subject of why I started this blog.

To sum it up nicely before you head on to the upcoming posts. It was a way for me to create a new home. A place where I can rest my thoughts on Poetry, Music, and Personal Life. I am not a critic and I don’t aspire to be one, since I don’t think I qualify. Just want to share my love for music and vinyl records that I recently started collecting. Perhaps to have my feelings and appreciation regarding my favorite albums out there for other people to see. So that maybe, someone might find something new they would like. Since starting this blog I have also begun writing fiction.

Let this be – my silent communication with the world.

As of June 2022, I have mainly started sharing my creative writings. I didn’t think there would be so many readers as I already have found. So I guess I will keep at it from now on.

About Me

Writing always came to me easier, than speaking. It has never been easy for me to communicate face to face. With the anxiety and the bipolar disorder diagnosis, I have always felt out of place and alone. You could say that this blog came to life as a result of a need to communicate. Maybe this could be the house, where we could all feel at home. 

Also, after over ten years of being silent. I have started recording my very own music (vocals) with my significant other who composes/records and mixes/masters it all. Currently, at the beginning of this journey, am living in a one-room apartment and hoping to find our own home soon. We have been on this journey of finding a home for 7.5 years at the time of writing this introduction.


a longer poem: These words. My blood, the hope, and the fiery rage. For my darkness and my love - I write. For My Passions and my solitude, Every droplet, carries them with pride. And in every silence, you can find him. In every gap, a breath. Yes, he is entangled within the verses, carefully etched into every syllable ' I have known love '


I truly hope that we can enjoy this place together. Even if some of my poetry/stories might be a little sad. A lot of it is romantic. I hope it makes someone feel a little less alone.


And yes am truly looking forward to answering your questions or suggestions under the ask/request tab, you may also just send me a letter, I enjoy reading.

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Poetry, Music, and Personal Life