Effects of Bullying & Reasons for Bullying

the effects of bullying and the reasons for bullying

I am a firm believer that most people are, by heart, good. Yes, sometimes they do things they might not be proud of. Things that hurt others around them, things they want to shove under a rug and forget, and things that can burn holes in their persona too. In brief, this post is about the reasons for bullying and the effects of bullying on the victim. These effects are still felt. Almost 15 years later in my life.

As much as I have analyzed the topic in my head… I can’t speak for everyone and I am not with a psychology degree. Therefore I rely on my own experiences. Please read, if you are mentally in a good place and feel strong enough. Because this post can be triggering. But it is… a part of my life.

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Six-sentence Story – On the Edge

Excerpt from the story.

On the edge is my second six-sentence story ever. Yes, grammar was mangled to death here.  I think it still hates and eludes me after this. This story differs from the last one-  which was rather a poetic piece. This story has nothing to do with fiction. Romantism?! maybe, but this is the raw cold truth about school bullying. The effect it had on at least… me. Was I a weirdo?! Yes I was. Did I deserve it?! I don’t think so. No one does.

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