Master of Escapism – a Short Story


Master of Escapism album ar. A lady with her hair full of butterflies that represent dreams.

Master of Escapism – a Short Story – Lyric Video

Master of Escapism is one of my personal favorites that I have ever written. It is a short story that is not as much of a fiction as others, it is about me and about the feelings that I have had ever since I was a kid. Maybe that is also why the theme is a stardust based one, the first video that I also used a background sound on. 

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Six-Sentence Story – Bird in a Cage

ix-sentence story prompt Stroke of Misfortune - excerpt from the story

Bird in a cage is a continuation of my last week’s six-sentence story prompt Stroke of Misfortune. I really don’t know what to say about this one. Other than we travel even deeper into the melancholy of our sweet Evan than we did in the last part of the story. It is a fiction. But I have wrestled these thoughts myself. Some of them. To some extent. And I am not unique in this.

The prompt was created by our wonderful girlieontheedge

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