Pianoforte – a Short Story

This is a new short story of mine that came to life from me listening to Chopin’s Nocturnes on repeat for the whole night. In no way do I say that the male character is him in this story… And I just love the word “pianoforte”, it sounds beautiful to me. 

As of 14.10.2022 this story is up on different streaming platforms, remixed and mastered. Fun fact is, this is the only story I did not rerecord. 

Pianoforte – a Short Story 

With her fingers lightly gripping the quill, the black ink smeared on her fingers, and across the paper if I may paint her clumsiness and lack of etiquette, she tried to write him another letter. But what was there for her to write about? After all, they had never met. She had seen him once from the crowd as she watched his fingers dance across the keys of a pianoforte while clutching her mother’s hand to calm her nerves.

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A poet, a writer (Master of escapism)

A poet, a writer (Master of escapism)

As of 14.10.2022 this story is up on different streaming platforms, rerecorded, remixed and mastered. 


I used to believe in something, like stars being the souls of the lost, my father being one of them. As well as I used to read faerie tales over and over again… or believe that I will spend an eternity loving the same boy I fell for when I was nothing but a child. I had my whole life written in fantasy and laid out in front of me. On some days I fought dragons. Other days I cradled the scorching sun in my arms and called it a lover.

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a Lady In-Between – a short fiction

Short Story, lady in between.Another short fiction that was written by me. Here we travel into the thoughts of a single mother after a few years of her mate’s suicide. I really like this one and It is about someone I know. The circumstances were different, but I think she can find herself here. You are strong, I am here for you.

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