Master of Escapism (a Poet, a writer, Story)

Master of Escapism album art. A lady with her hair full of butterflies that represent dreams of a writer, a poet. Perhaps of one that wrote this short story.

Master of escapism is a short story of a poet, a writer that lives her life in daydreams. For her, anything but reality is more comfortable and enjoyable. Mental health conditions such as maladaptive daydreaming and dissociation mused this one.

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Master of Escapism (a Poet, A writer, Story)

I used to believe in something, like stars being the souls of the lost. My father being one of them. As well as I used to read faerie tales over and over again… or believe that I will spend an eternity loving the same boy I fell for when I was nothing but a child. I had my whole life written in fantasy and laid out in front of me. On some days I fought dragons. Other days I cradled the scorching sun in my arms and called it a lover.

Now I don’t even know if I believe that I am eternal. Yes, the thought of it all vanishing and me turning to dust on one precious day is simply frightening. What if it was all for nothing. My pains and my gains and the love that I carry in the depths of my heart. Maybe I will never make it out on the other side and I will just be a tombstone and a set of bones, forgotten in time. Realism is scary, I want to run with the wolves and fight off gnomes with a wooden sword.

I have been lost before, lost in the eyes of a stranger, a touch of a lover, the bottom of a wine bottle. But what have I found? That I am still in love with life and the world? What a glorious lie, I don’t like it here. But I have found another world within the one that I can touch. Even then, on nights like this, like quicksand, the reality beneath my feet sucks me in and the dim thoughts pursue me like a feral dog. 

Then again, I am the master of escapism… a poet, a writer. I have the ultimate tools to not be present, I am here, I am here my love. But I am also in the ten thousand multiverses inside of my tiny skull. And the act of writing my dear, it only happens when my body becomes too small of a host and I overflow. And I am my 10th person today, just a girl, drunken on wine and sad music. 

Tomorrow I will be dead and create a new character. One that loves herself a little more.

Perhaps, she writes a little differently. 


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