Six-Sentence Story – Still Alone

six-sentence story still alone. Excerpt

This week’s entry “Still alone” to the Six-Sentence Story prompt runs a little late, I am sorry. This story feels a little more personal again. Ellie is a reflection of the young girl present in me. I can feel her. Her character… Remains true.

The prompt was created by our wonderful girlieontheedge

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Still Alone – Six-Sentence Story

Ellie found it easier to cope with the world by slowly removing herself from it, she had a superpower of cooking up wonderlands in her head and falling in love with strangers as she built them into magical characters in her stories and poems.

As the reality seemed to shun her out and strike her with a pike into her heart she fell in love with words, as if the blood dripping from the end of it was a pitch-black tint tainting her poetry with pain and sorrow as she crafted her words into bullets that could make a grown man shed a tear.

She had been accused of being cold and so withdrawn from life and people that it almost seemed as if she was not from this world, she had become tired of even trying to fit in by her late twenties and found a companion in red wine and rain running down her windows.

But only she knew that she wasn’t incapable of feeling as much as in communicating them out loud in any other manner than locking herself in and just writing, talking to people made her nervous and she rather spoke to the void than a man that could reject her.

Today wasn’t any different as the man had carried a weapon in his left pocket, while she was stuttering and trembling from her admirations she felt every word run from her wound at a strike of a knife.

“In my chest a gaping hole and no matter how many lovers or stories I have filled it with – I am still alone and quite dead inside.”

Thank you for reading my six-sentence story: still alone. Take care!

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6 months ago

Ellie…I hear you…I see you.

Frank Hubeny
6 months ago

I think Ellie was shot but I don’t know why. Lovers and stories won’t fill the hole. Let me know if you’d like to hear what would.

6 months ago

Ellie, there is always someone out there who will listen, we just have to find that person for you.

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