Poetry Book no I – ACT II

Cover for the ACT II. Includes blue butterflies, spiders and spiderwebs.Omg, omg, omg !!! Finally, after so many years of dreaming… You know, the kind where you lay in the bed just imagining… making up worlds and places. Do people still do that? I can surely say that I have spent the majority of my life daydreaming, being told that it was in vain… But well, I can now say that I do have a poetry book.

The poems were too short to be uploaded separately… But they do tell a story in 20 of them separated into ACT I and ACT II. So to get the whole story you may want to read the other post first. Also there I talk more about the book itself.

Here, in this post…

In this act, I have focused on heartbreak and acceptance. 

Playing as I edit the post for final edits: SKYND.

ACT II Track List 

Poetry Book pt. 2

Here we go

He Made Her a Feral cat


He makes me go feral

Look at me


A kitten,

A lioness,

A fly,

A wolf,

A sheep,


A lady choking on butterflies

While He Was the Dead Sea

And there was I,


My Love, 

Was a fierce tempest ravaging my heart


My world was set ablaze by his gaze

And he was

A dead



Her Foolish Heart

My foolish heart

Like my mothers’ favorite vase,

Plummeting from the shelf I could not reach

And beneath my feet,

A thousand tiny shards

With my dears flowing from my eyes

My love…

a Runoff I was drowning in

My mothers’ arms,

Around my shaking, frail, husk


“All is going to be alright my child.”

Eating Her Alive

Oh God!!!

Oh, mother!!!

I pray to thee


Help me

Desperation Flowing From Her Eyes

What is the worth of my love

If I can not paint

The city walls

With the colour

Of his eyes!

She Cried For Love to Pass

Oh dear lord…

At this state,

A knife

Straight into this heart of mine

Would be an act of mercy

But It Wouldn’t Go Out

And so I have been doomed

To walk this earth,

Without my love by my side

Cursed to live

And write letters


So She Dug Her Grave


Writing poetry about him

Was a luxury…

I couldn’t,


Accepting Her Destiny

But mother,

Can you not see?

He makes my heart sing

My fingers dancing on the keys

Of an old



Out of tune

And I keep hitting the wrong notes

But my heart hums

And perhaps…

I am,

A Jester of love

But love…

I do

Bonus Poem

“I will just die doing nothing”

You have inspired the art of other people

And that is tenfold more…

Than having died

“Doing nothing”



How The Poetry Book Was Made

Some of these poems I wrote years ago, I have just fit them into one book to tell a new kind of a story.

Everything was written and recorded from the comfort of my bedroom, not a perfect setting at all. But it is what I have to work with. I have severe anxiety about singing and talking/voice-acting in front of other people. As awkward as it is… I didn’t always have it. It happened somewhere in my youth.  I am dealing with it and hopefully I will be able to do it soon.

Poem from the poetry book... Dead calm Sea.


The microphone I used was a Shure SM58.

I want to update to a ribbon Goldenage MK III as this would make my voice a little softer I think. I have trouble with whistles in my voice which are hard to remove. Perhaps am not good enough yet. I swear I have a good placement for the mic. I have sung before…

The audio interface I used was a Yamaha AG03, one that needs to be swapped out.

It is good for podcasts and was cheap like the scarlet… But I also sing for a project (metal, including screaming vocals). In the future, I want an Apollo Twin X. That would truly be nice. My mate could use it for his music as long as he gets his RME and I could have good-quality recordings. 

I used Reaper to record and mix everything. This was my second book to do audio editing on. I am still learning and making a lot of mistakes, am sure. Really… found a lot of errors on my last book. I just wanted to do everything myself and learn as I go. I know, I know… it doesn’t start from perfection… this too is a skill I have to hone. Perhaps I am a little too impatient with myself.

Thank you for your time.

Extra and Extra Marketing 

I also make lyric videos for my stories. I have only three currently but am working on the books now… As I recently started making them. I want to get to the point that for future releases I would have them out sooner. This was also my first time making lyric videos. I use Adobe Premiere Pro. The ones that have a picture behind them, I designed the background myself with Canva… But for the ones with the video behind the letters, I downloaded the video from here-MixKit.co. You can find thousands of sounds and videos there under the MixKit license.

Videos are on my YouTube Channel and here on my blog. If you like them you can hit me up and I could do them for you too, for a small fee since am not a pro yet.

My first full book ever can also be found on my blog and was a collection of short six-sentence stories.

Also, on my Ko-Fi page, I have wallpapers, for free downloads, for supporters, and… for ko-fi monthly subscribers/supporters, I have templates to use as they will. Yes, some of it contains my book covers and wallpapers but I aspire to add some unique ones there too. Also, this is the way to support me and help me create even more and better content.


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14 days ago

[…] Also, I was sad because I couldn’t upload every poem separately because of the length issues… It is barely even 10 minutes of listening time. The poems are too short to be uploaded separately… But they do tell a story in 20 of them separated into ACT I and ACT II. […]

6 days ago

[…] And my first ever Poetry book no. I will be added here by 18.11.2022: Act I and Act II.  […]

6 days ago

[…] And my first ever Poetry book no. I will be added here by 18.11.2022: Act I and Act II.  […]

6 days ago

[…] And my first ever Poetry book no. I Will be added here by 18.11.2022: Act I and Act II.  […]

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