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Poetry Book no I – ACT II

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Poetry Book no. I ACT I in bold with blue spiders and butterflies around it.

Finally, after so many years of dreaming… You know, the kind where you lay in the bed just imagining, making up worlds and places,I can now say that I do have a poetry book.

The poems were too short to be uploaded separately… But they do tell a story in 20 of them separated into ACT I and ACT II. So to get the whole story you may want to read the other post first.

In this act, I have focused on heartbreak and acceptance.

Poetry Book no. I ACT II

He Made Her a Feral cat


He makes me go feral

Look at me

A kitten,

A lioness,

A fly,

A wolf,

A sheep,

A lady choking on butterflies

While He Was the Dead Sea

And there was I,


My Love, 

Was a fierce tempest ravaging my heart


My world was set ablaze by his gaze

And he was

A dead



Her Foolish Heart

My foolish heart

Like my mothers’ favorite vase,

Plummeting from the shelf I could not reach

And beneath my feet,

A thousand tiny shards

With my dears flowing from my eyes

My love…

a Runoff I was drowning in

My mothers’ arms,

Around my shaking, frail, husk

“All is going to be alright my child.”

Eating Her Alive

Oh God!!!

Oh, mother!!!

I pray to thee


Help me

Desperation Flowing From Her Eyes

What is the worth of my love

If I can not paint

The city walls

With the colour

Of his eyes!

She Cried For Love to Pass

Oh dear lord…

At this state,

A knife

Straight into this heart of mine

Would be an act of mercy

But It Wouldn’t Go Out

And so I have been doomed

To walk this earth,

Without my love by my side

Cursed to live

And write letters


So She Dug Her Grave


Writing poetry about him

Was a luxury…

I couldn’t,


Accepting Her Destiny

But mother,

Can you not see?

He makes my heart sing

My fingers dancing on the keys

Of an old



Out of tune

And I keep hitting the wrong notes

But my heart hums

And perhaps…

I am,

A Jester of love

But love…

I do

Bonus Poem

“I will just die doing nothing”

You have inspired the art of other people

And that is tenfold more…

Than having died

“Doing nothing”

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