Six-sentence story – FLUID

The six-sentence story, Fluid. Excerpt from the story.This six-sentence story was born from the challenge produced by GirlieOnTheEdge with the following simple rules:

Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word – FLUID

How was this Story Born?

I wanted to try out some kinky challenges. Was hoping to keep myself writing at least once a week besides the job that robbed me of my time… The muse of the girl in this story is me, the young girl in me. As always, as a writer… I have added a little over-romanticism and a sprinkle of fiction. For a fact… Such an encounter never happened.

You can participate and read other stories ‘here’

Fluid – a six-sentence Story

“You are a weird one, aren’t you?”

His words echoed in my brain as I had been decrypted and my secrets, they flung from the pages onto which I had been painting my love for him – with droplets of the sweetest words that I had accumulated over the years.

I didn’t have the strength to grab the diary from his hands so I just stood there trembling, as if time itself had stopped, while swallowing the lump in my throat – fearing that if I say something the butterflies that I was choking on, they would escape from my mouth.

I wasn’t used to being confronted, so far my poetry had been a grave for me to bury my most valuable treasures: my love and my fears of admitting it to the boy that I hardly knew. 

Sometimes I wish that my poetry was a flammable fluid with words spilling from my fingertips, the smell of gasoline, the light of a match – set his world on fire.

But the only source of warmth in this room is the bottle of wine and his drunken laughter that cut the air as if it was made of cotton candy.

Thank you for your time

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Keith's Ramblings
6 months ago

You took us right into her mind, a poignant piece indeed. Hopefully, we’ll see you again next week!

Frank Hubeny
6 months ago

Nice description: “my poetry had been a grave for me to bury my most valuable treasures”

Doug Jacquier
6 months ago

The casual cruelty of the insensitive always cuts deep. Great Six and welcome to the fray.

c. e. ayr
6 months ago

Powerful piece of writing not spoiled by the tiny typos.

6 months ago

Engaging and quite ‘visual’ a Six.
Excellent wordifying…
(to join the others), Welcome to the Six Sentence Story!
(Where, to use a preferred metaphor, a representative kid from every high school cafeteria table finds a seat, the better to: be supportive/get creative with/be annoying… etc lol)

6 months ago

You did well making us feel her pain at his betrayal.

6 months ago

Echoes from your words resonated, in particular, the bit Frank quoted “my poetry had been a grave for me to bury my most valuable treasures:”
Welcome to Six Sentence Stories! I look forward to reading more of your poetry.

Liz H-H
6 months ago

The poetry should be lifted, and the insensitive jerk rolled into the grave!
Welcome to Six Sentence stories…our supportive playground peopled by the best kind of friends!

D. Avery
6 months ago

You did a great job showing the angst of being in a horrible situation. I hope she recovers and moves on from that lout.

6 months ago

A beautifully told story of heartless betrayal. Welcome to ‘Sixville’. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing!

5 months ago

[…] little different and more personal from the last one-  which was rather a poetic […]

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