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Six-Sentence Story With Audiobook -Stroke of Misfortune

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This is a Six-Sentence Story. " a Collection of " written in all caps and rose below it "of Stardust and the Beasts" in callifraphic rose lettering and below it in all caps "of six-sentence stories" with a rose circle with mini hearts on it.

This is another six-sentence story “Stroke of Misfortune”. I really don’t know why I always write such dim stories. I think there are many people who have the traits of Evan. But it is fiction after all. No one, in particular, mused this story, just the melancholy. And my own experiences with life and depression.

the prompt was created by our wonderful girlieontheedge


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Stroke of Misfortune  – Six-Sentence Story

Evan could have done with a little more luck but it was as if he had been on a stroke of misfortune his whole life, maybe that is why he found himself on that chair knuckle cracking and waiting for the seer to give him something.

Perhaps a new faith in the set of Gods to make his life better – a rune to magically make him fall in love with the world, a potion or a numbing cream for his aching soul, something, anything to make him feel like a human being again.

The seer was an old blind man with his long grey hair unwashed for a decade it seemed, living like a hermit in his soviet apartment and he was famous for seeing a man for who he is – the past and the future and the endless turmoil of the present.

That naturally made Evan even more anxious for he had been on the crusade of finding himself in the empty bottles of liquor and women but so far had only found a gaping hole in his chest named nothingness, and he feared that he was too far gone.

He didn’t notice when the seer had come into the room, it was as if he had been the blind one and jumped from his chair when heard a loud voice behind him say: “Here you have come like a Demigod of War that can not feel pain or die yet the misery inside of you is as vast as the oceans you have traveled in search of a father, a God, a reason to live.”

The seer sat in front of him and it was as if he was gazing into his soul as he continued: “My child, there is no potion or a rune for the kind of you for the magic was bestowed upon you when you were born my boy, and you are lost but that was necessary for you to be found,” the seer laughed, coughed, and continued: “the power is within you my child, only trust what you see” – and with this, Evan felt his eyes cloud up.

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  1. D. Avery

    I can see the scene and characters clearly.
    Too bad about Evan’s cloudy vision, but perhaps there’s more to the story.

    • Classypoetryandwine

      Perhaps, I must sit down and have a talk with my muse. Perhaps I will find out by the next time.

  2. Frank Hubeny

    Nice description of him: “finding himself in the empty bottles of liquor and women but so far had only found a gaping hole in his chest named nothingness, and he feared that he was too far gone”

    • Classypoetryandwine

      Thank you, I felt it really described the way he was trying so hard to find something worth living for outside of himself.

  3. Liz H-H

    Can’t wait to see what happens next in this one!

    • Classypoetryandwine

      Me neither, I am in complete dismay as to I can not magically tell how the story unfolds. I guess we have to ask Evan, eh?

  4. Keith's Ramblings

    Trust what you see with cloudy eyes. An interesting conclusion to an intriguing tale!

  5. messymimi

    It seems he’s already full and didn’t know it.

  6. clark

    wise old blind man!
    (I like that as foreshadowing*) that the secret must come from within is such a simple concept and so very, very difficult to grasp, much less accept and apply (to oneself).
    Your protagonist (more than likely) has still a long path ahead of him.
    Good Six, yo

    *which may very well be my own lack of understanding the mechanisms and tools of rhetoric… here I mean, the idea that the idea of blindness can imply certain things about a person’s ability to perceive the world around them.

    • Classypoetryandwine

      Yes, I too think that blindness enhances/changes the way a person perceives the world. And maybe our dear Evan will learn to look within for the cure/power. It is a hard path laid in front of him that requires acceptance of his own faults and moving forward.

  7. GirlieOnTheEdge

    Compelling, Six.
    It would appear Evan, like so many who’ve come to the realization “change” is needed, is thinking what ails him can be “cured” with a quick fix. Oh, the unenlightened!
    I found the last sentence to be particularly powerful.


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