Six-Sentence Story – the Exchange

the exchange - six-sentence story, excerpt from the story

One of my personal favorite six-sentence stories of mine… the Exchange. I have decided to add audio to some of my writings. Even if I dabble in singing (and harsh vocals) I have always felt very insecure about my voice, especially about my ‘SSSS’, but here we go.

As of 14.10.2022 this is the only story on which I will keep my old recording up on, because it is the first time after all the fear I felt encouraged to continue recording my voice.

The prompt was created by our wonderful girlieontheedge

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the Exchange – Six-Sentence Story

the Old recording:

the One I released on Spotify

She could feel that something was wrong with the way the wind made her skin crawl as she teetered out from the bar onto the small alleyway leading to her home and she felt almost as if there, in the dark, were a pair of eyes watching her every move.

As if she couldn’t walk fast enough she tossed her heels on the road and began running, too scared to look back and way too drunk to run a straight line she stumbled and fell onto all of her fours, with her hands frantically searching for the glasses she had somehow lost… the tears flowing from her eyes glistened in the dim, flickering light of the streetlamp.

Somehow she had managed to break them, so she slowly got up and started limping towards her home with a blurry vision and she could hear distant muffled steps as if someone was sneaking in the grass in front of the houses, sometimes she heard a crack of a branch and it made her shiver even more, thinking if she will ever make it home in one piece.

When she made it to her apartment complex she started shuffling through her purse, looking for the keys she couldn’t find, they must have fallen out when she hit the pavement and you could almost tell from her shaking hands that she had had enough of tonight.

As she sat down on the cement stairs to the apartment building, while burying her face in her hands, a black young Tom made his way to her and made her lap his domain, curling up and softly purring as she began running her fingers through his silky-soft fur.

She had never seen the cat, but the exchange they had was something otherworldly, the song he was singing was calming her anxieties, and her petting made him sleepy and trusting.


That was written a short moment after I found out that a tomcat is a male cat

Thank you for reading my six-sentence story the exchange. Take care!

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6 months ago

That’s an excellent recording. It really builds up the tension of the story. You kept it going right to the last [art. What a relief to find that the tomcat was the culprit and that they both find peace.

6 months ago

Gosh , am I grateful for you taking that leap of faith and recording your voice!
It is 3.33 am for me as I listen to your Six …and then once more…
My fair lady, thank you. And, pretty please…do so again, as often as you can.
You enhanced your Six b e a u t i f u l l y!!
PS: me being, well, me lol, can’t but imagine in joyful anticipation your voice over a Victorian themed Six… you know theEva green Penny Dreadful kind!!

6 months ago

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

6 months ago

love Sixes that spring directly from events in the ‘real’ world!

D. Avery
6 months ago

Phew! That ended well, after much tension. Some have a bad connotation with black cats, but this one was all good.

6 months ago

Talk about setting the scene!
How easily fear can grab hold of us, send us spiraling. Of course, imbibing one too many will most assuredly accelerate the process!
Excellent Six, Cp.

Liz H-H
6 months ago

Lovely write, and a evocation of spooky, lonely, and at last, comforted, with your soft voice, slight accent, and echoing recording. Well done!

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