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Short Story – His Eyes Were a Poem

This is my six-st short story in the "Romance and All That" section. Since starting this corner it has appeared to me that I am literally unable to write happy stories. I thought about changing the name but it isn't being lovesick romantic? It used to be. Anyway "His...

Short Story-Goddess in Disguise

Goddess in Disguise is a short story about a young, naive, yet seductive woman in search of real love. Writing romance and reading romance is something that I have enjoyed since I was a teenager, but I don't really write a lot of happy stories. Unfortunately, romance...

Short Story – Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is a short story about a young lady that loves so hard that she forgets that she deserves to be loved just as much. It is a story that often happens in real life, we love so much that we forgive things that we never thought we would. But we know me,...

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